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The Willow Collective offers attachment and trauma assessments for children ages 5 and under.

Results of these assessments offer insight into areas of growth for the parent-child dyad that can inform treatment goals and next-steps.

We have two assessment options:

  • Working Model of the Child Interview

  • CROWELL Parent-Child Interactional

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Working Model of the Child Interview

  • From infancy, humans are wired to seek connection with caregivers. The Working Model of the Child Interview helps therapists and caregivers understand the attachment bond between caregiver and child in order to help strengthen this connection.

  • The structured interview provides information regarding the way caregivers perceive their relationship with a child, as well as the feelings and motives within the caregiver-child relationship. This insight aids therapists in caring for the unique attachment needs within the family.

CROWELL Parent-Child Interactional

  • The Crowell Parent Child Interaction provides insight into typical interactions between a caregiver and child. This involves a series of tasks, which can include free-play, clean-up, blowing bubbles, two developmentally graded teaching tasks, and a brief separation and reunion. 

  • During these tasks, the therapist observes the caregiver and child’s interactions and can better understand the attachment relationship between the caregiver and child.

  • The Crowell assessment offers deeper awareness of relational elements such as the comfort level between child and caregiver, the cues the child gives when communicating their needs, the child and caregiver’s familiarity with playing together, and more. From here, the therapist and caregiver can collaborate to form a thoughtful treatment plan.

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