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Our team provides mental health services to individuals in the prenatal or postpartum stage of life, as well as to families of children ages 0-6.

Clients who reach out for individualized support will first connect with our referral manager. Depending on this initial assessment, the referral manager may connect a client to a short-term treatment coordinator. This provider serves in the role of therapist - building trust, assessing needs, offering support, and building a treatment plan. From there, the provider and client will determine what the best next steps are, including: individual/family therapy, group services, or other support services.

For parents or young children with significant trauma or mental health concerns that cannot be addressed sufficiently with a group, we offer individualized mental health services through our staff therapists or partner providers. Access depends on the availability of these providers. Treatment models include: Child-Parent Psychotherapy, dyadic play therapy, EMDR, Theraplay, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. Learn more about these models here.

We work with the philosophy that healing and growth occurs most readily in the context of strong relationships. Therefore, when working with individual adults, we aim to bolster natural support systems. When working with young children, we collaborate with and involve parents closely. 

Funding: Medicaid & private insurance (subject to co-pay/co-insurance). Private pay fees vary by provider.

When clients are referred, our care coordinators or referral specialists will work to find a provider who meets client's therapeutic and financial needs.

To refer/enroll, click below. Please be prepared to provide contact information, insurance information, and a reason for the referral.

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